Friday, 14 June 2013

Hutcheson's Grammar School Art Show 2013

As always, the Annual Art Exhibition at Hutcheson's Grammar
School in Glasgow is one to watch. This year the department has
excelled itself with a show exhibiting wonderfully diverse skills.
Drawing is the mainstay here. You can see that the pupils are
taught to observe and make drawings as the beginnings of the
creative process and that process is skill based. How refreshing
to see after the art school degree shows whose exhibitions show less
drawing skill than this one. The range of ideas is fabulous.
Congratulations to students and staff. It's no wonder that ex pupils
go on to such diverse careers within the art world.
The exhibition was opened by former pupil Rosamund West who
is editor in chief of The Skinny Magazine. Says it all really.

Exhibition running at Hutcheson's Grammar School, 21 Beaton Road,
Glasgow G41 4NW

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