Tuesday, 23 October 2012

At a family gathering in north Dorset last week I decided to
go on a little trip through history. My grandfather was an
engineer and right hand man to George Brough of Brough
Superior Motorbikes in Nottingham. One of their clients was
TE Lawrence who, over several years, owned seven Brough
Superiors. Grandad knew him very well so I thought I'd visit
Lawrences grave and his cottage at Clouds Hill just down the
road from Bovington where the Tank Museum is situated.
Lawrences country cottage is very small and in the garden a
wee garage built to house his Brough Superior. I didn't expect to
see one of his motorbikes but was delighted to find one on display
in the Tank Museum along with the amazing display of armoured
Made my day.

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