Monday, 28 May 2012

The Angels' Share wins the Jury Prize at Cannes.
We are going to the premiere tomorrow as I play
a defense lawyer in the opening scene. Very
exciting. Should be a good night.......
Just saw the premiere....the guy I was
defending was cut from the film so my
speech was cut too. Pity. Great film
though. Very funny.


  1. An actor as well! Will have to go to see it.

  2. Damn! I wasn't ready for that! I'll have to go and watch again. I was rabbiting on to Maggie about Charlie Maclean on the bus home when she said she'd seen your name go up on the credits, too. Came here to check and lo and behold - it IS you. But I didn't see you.
    Hope you enjoyed the premiere. We both thought it was a wonderfully enjoyable film. Keep well, and love to Sally. Roddy

  3. Hi Roddy

    Good to hear from you. I did a scene defending one of the young actors but he was cut from the film so all that is left of me are a few passing shots. Shame

    love to both