Tuesday, 13 March 2012

George Wyllie celebrations

Last night there was a celebration of the written works of artist
George Wyllie in the Mitchell Library as part of the Aye Write
festival in Glasgow. Several people were approached to take part
in readings of George's poems and essays and to act out parts of
his plays. I had to read five poems. That's me in action in the photo.
Also taking part were Tamara Kennedy, Fred McCauley, Ian Pattison,
Neil Baxter, Alastair McDonald, Pauline McLean, Jan Patience,
Stuart Hepburn, Gavin Mitchell, Phil Miller, Richard Demarco,
Pat Kane, Dawson Murray and Bill Paterson.

If you are interested in George Wyllie and want to be 'A Chum',
you can be involved and join the Chums on: