Friday, 17 February 2012


For the first couple of nights that we were in London we stayed
with a friend in Clerkenwell. This is not an area we knew so
exploration of the area was high on our list and we found it
Here is a taste of the history. The top picture is of the Jerusalem
Tavern. Named after the Priory of St. John of Jerusalem which
began in 1140. The village of Clerkenwell grew up around the priory
and the first Jerusalem Tavern came into being in the 14th century.

I'm told that the Crusaders gathered there and at St John's Gate
before heading off on their adventures.

The Tavern moved a few times until it finally settled in this building
which dates from 1720. It was originally a merchants house and a
workshop for watch and clock makers. The current shopfront was
put in place in 1820.

Over the years the Tavern has had some interesting characters
partaking of it's ales. The artist William Hogarth, Samuel Johnson,
David Garrick and, on several of his trips to London, none other than

Just down the road is St John's Gate. Part of the original boundary of
the City of London. It was illegal to hold gatherings or demonstrations
within the city so gatherings were held on the other side of the gate.

This is a fine piece of old London. In all the years I lived there I was
unaware of its existence. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

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