Monday, 18 July 2011


This is Candili. It is an estate on the island of Evia in Greece.
Once the great Achmetaga estate, it was bought in the 1830's
by Edward Noel, a relative of Lord Byron and the family still
own it. The current owner is an old friend and, as is the way
with great estates, he has to find ways of it paying for itself.
So you can rent it. This week a wedding party has rented it but
mostly it is yoga groups. There is a huge great yoga room
which is very peaceful. They also accommodate painting,
music and, well anything you want really. We stayed there
after Athens and just missed a yoga group so we had the
place to ourselves for nearly two weeks. It really is beautiful
with two plunge pools and a large swimming pool.
The cook Ioanna was wonderful...just as well we weren't
there any longer, the waistline had expanded quite enough.
I'm hoping to run a painting course there next summer so
if you are interested do get in touch with me. If you are
interested in renting the estate check out their web site:

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