Saturday, 27 November 2010

studio sale today

It's early in the morning and today is the studio sale. Overnight we had
two inches of snow. Will anyone venture out into the country in the
snow? Very few I would think. We'll wait and see. Some will think it
an adventure. Some will not. If no-one comes I'll delay the sale until
May. I reckon that with snow this early in the winter we could be in for
a long cold one.
The house is ready...there are paintings everywhere. I've sold six in the
last five days so I've made a little money. No complaints from me then.
There are two young artists coming today to help with the sale and if
no-one turns up we have plenty of wine and lots of food so we'll have
a good time. I suspect a few villagers will appear, hang up their coats,
head for the wine and settle in.

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