Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lake Trasimeno

This is one of Lake Trasimeno in Italy. If you have never been to this part of Umbria then you should go. It's very beautiful and the lake, which is quite shallow, is unlike any lake I've seen.
The colours and feel of the place are unique. I'm putting this one up because it has the feel I want from a painting I'm planning on a wee fishing village in South Africa. And there the similarity ends. Umbria and the outskirts of Cape Town are very different places.

Does anyone read this? I'm convinced that the entire world is on Facebook and no-one looks at blogs any more. Perhaps I should start writing more on the blog...if no-one reads it then I could witter on for ages. Let's see....well I'm fed up with our pre-occupation with politics. Fed up with
ever tightening laws and restrictions on life. I'd better stop now. Put the kettle on, that's the answer.

More tomorrow

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  1. Charlie, they do - well I do anyway. Post on facebook that you've just been blogging and attach a link. Hopefully, they'll come flooding in!