Thursday, 30 September 2010

Belfast, Maine

One chilly morning with the mist still clinging to the water and shoreline I came across this
slightly battered truck parked in a boatyard in Belfast in Maine. Couldn't resist doing a wee painting. People complain that it isn't my usual palette of vivid colours and I say no but it was a misty morning...these are the colours I saw. These are the colours that make the moment.
I like it and I'm putting it in my November Studio Sale.

Belfast in Maine is a great wee town. Fabulous restaurants. Good boat builders....wooden sailing boats, sleek and gorgeous.

As for my outburst on blogs and Facebook...well I had responses from the south of England to Glasgow to San Francisco.
How wonderful to think that the old blog travels so far. I usually get some comments from someone in China but they are in Chinese and I've no idea what they say.
They are either very complimentary or terribly rude.

To all you readers out there...the blog has been taken over by Google so if you have a Google account you can leave a comment on the blog. All you need to do is write your comment and put in your Google password.
Previously you had to register with Blogspot which was unlikely.

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