Monday, 10 May 2010

You might well be wondering why my blog has lain dormant for so long. The answer lies in Iceland.
We went to South Africa for two weeks. Two weeks of sun, drawing and photographs. Headed to Cape Town for the last two days and bang, the volcano decided that it had been dormant long enough and wanted to be seen and heard. Cape Town's two days turned into nearly seventeen days before we managed to get a flight. We have been back a week but I had so much catching up to do preparing for my exhibition in London (which previews this weekend) that I'm afraid my blog suffered.

But now I'm back! Aha!

Have to say that the extra time in Cape Town was most enjoyable and lots of ideas for paintings have settled into my head. I'll start painting soon. In the meantime there are other projects to get through...not least the exhibition itself.

Solo show: The Richmond Hill Gallery opening Tuesday 18th may. Previewing this coming weekend. 31 paintings in this exhibition. Runs until mid June.

Also....a Scottish Masters Exhibition at The Manor House Gallery in Chipping Norton which opens next week. 5 paintings there.

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