Friday, 12 June 2009

Catriona Munro

And finally...Catriona Munro, filmmaker and photographer, who has created a small cinema in the Mackintosh basement festooned with the above poster. Inside she is showing her hysterical film on the sleazy end of life for Glasgow's girls. This is very deliberately Glasgow's own exploitation movie. Very shaky camerawork, very off the cuff and very funny and hard hitting. There are so many ideas in this film. The pole dancing scene in the Glasgow underground train has GOT to be posted on You Tube. With luck Catriona will take this film along to people like F' n G' productions (who make 'Still Game' and 'Dear Green Place' amongst others) and they will see the potential for creating a series based on the characters and events within. I can see it in my should they.

Catriona...go and show this film to the Edinburgh Film Festival team....go to see the good people at the GFT.

A series of postcards stills from the film are available, as are posters and badges.

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