Friday, 13 March 2009

Yesterday was a good day. It was my birthday and we had our first daffodil of the season.

Spent some time hanging Sue Biazotti prints in the Village Hall where they are on display for just over a week and look great.
Also had a meeting with the musicians who are doing a blues night for us in June. Should be good. In amongst it all I even managed to work on a painting.


  1. i love the picture of the daffodil - it reminds me of the daffodils on the drive at home. there is still snow on the ground here but the birds are singing when i walk to the metro in the something is telling my senses it is spring but it still looks like winter.
    pain in painting

    but also ting

    Ting ting!

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  3. Happy birthday Charlie — hope you had a wonderful day!


    ps missed out the H in the first post...