Monday, 16 March 2009

Time for a painting. Sold this one a couple of weeks ago. Great fun to paint. Looser and more colourful than the images I usually go for, it is one of a number of paintings that are fun to put together and seem to have a following.

The psychology of painting vastly different images is pretty simple. Some people say...'but your painting in a different style!' As if that's a problem. Anyway, I always say never confuse style with repetition.

Hey...I thought I was writing this to a few friends and no-one else would see it when lo and behold I find Steve (My dog ate art) has appeared as a follower. Hi Steve (My dog ate art) the tag line. Looked at your blog and it is wildly colourful. If anyone else is reading this go look. But come back...
There was this other follower who turns out to be some deeply questionable advertising thing that must latch onto blogs the world over. When you click on it you find yourself looking at an advert for a four wheel drive vehicle. Hmmmm.

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